Uptown Park — Uptown refers to the area west of 610 often referred to as The Galleria. This is Houston’s Premier shopping district and home to some of Houston’s top employers. Lined with high-rise office buildings, high-rise residential buildings and hotel’s this area is bustling with activity.

Take a trip over to Uptown and go wild on an all-out shopping spree at one of Houston’s centers of trade – Galleria. This glittering neighborhood boasts some of the most coveted shopping and trade centers in the city. Enjoy endless shopping options and dining experiences in the heart of the Houston and take a trip down to the famous 77056.

More About Galleria — Tucked away in the massive city of Houston, Galleria is home to some of the most highly sought after shopping centers the city has to offer. From one of a kind boutiques, to artsy local finds, and the high-end shoppers’ paradise that is Galleria Shopping Center, you can never run out of options when it comes to making those purchases. Galleria makes life easy for those with a penchant for swiping those plastic cards.

Living in Galleria — If you’re the kind to find happiness in a bag of newly bought retail goodies, then 77056 Galleria is the place for you. Here, people enjoy endless shopping possibilities and countless dining options. Take a trip to Uptown Park and enjoy some of the most fabulous finds that Galleria has to offer, or drive on over to Highland Village for some locally owned boutiques and rare purchases sure to tickle the penchant for shopping in you.

Galleria offers endless activities, entertainment, and lifestyle options for every discerning taste. Here, the possibilities are endless, and you’ll never run out of places to visit. So keep those credit cards in handy and your elbows at the ready as you power your way through countless shopping possibilities.

Make the Move to Galleria Today! The difficulty of choosing the perfect place to call home ends here. Galleria, Houston makes the selection process easy with its endless opportunities and shopping options – you’ll never get bored again! Enjoy the high life and find an apartment in the heart of Galleria. Live close to the action and never miss a beat. Rent an apartment in Galleria today and live it up at Houston’s best shopping neighborhood.