Blackhorse Ranch South

The close proximity to 99 notwithstanding, you’re certainly going to love the fact that you will be so close to Cypress TX. The city is known for combining the modern features of a city with fantastic natural surroundings. Cypress is also known for such attractions as Tin Hall, the Berry Center, the Northwest Forest Conference Center are just a few of the popular elements to this town.

Beyond the homes for sale in the Blackhorse Ranch South neighborhood, you will also find that Cypress is home to a number of splendid golf courses. Longwood Golf Club, Blackhorse Golf Club, and Houston National are just a few of the courses that are nearby. Cypress Top Historic Park is another feature to the area that you’re going to love. It is also worth noting that Blackhorse Ranch South is served by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. A number of private schools are also offered in the area.

Blackhorse Ranch South neighborhood can be found in Cypress TX. The homes for sale you can find in the Blackhorse Ranch has some of the finest homes to be found in Harris County. Beyond the homes themselves, you will find yourself surrounded by natural beauty, everything the small, decidedly modern city of Cypress (population 122,803) has to offer, and charming amenities.

To be sure, you’re certainly going to like the fact that Blackhorse Ranch South puts you just twenty-five miles away from Downtown Houston. This makes the homes for sale in the Blackhorse Ranch South neighborhood easy to travel to and from Downtown Houston for work and/or play. With an average size of 3000 square feet, and prices starting in the impressive range of just over 300,000, there are several things about this community that you are going to want to keep in mind.

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About Black Horse Ranch South

Community features abound in this master planned community. You will be able to take advantage of a center for community members, swimming pools, and much more. The community is also well known for combining the range of stunning homes (which includes several four-bedroom possibilities) with some of the most impressive natural surroundings in Cypress. The neighborhood is an ideal location for not only families, but for young couples, as well. This community can also prove to be appealing to those who are looking for a great place to retire, but would prefer to avoid downsizing their lives to any particular extent.