One notable feature to this Galleria-centric neighborhood is the easy access to some of the major roads of the area. Without too much trouble, you can get to Loop 610, or Memorial Drive, or Stoney Brook Drive. Tree-lined streets define the neighborhood, and you will also want to keep in mind that you can get to the lovely banks of the Buffalo Bayou with ease.

This neighborhood has a stellar reputation for easy walkability to just about everything you are going to need from a place to live. The lot sizes for this neighborhood start in the eight thousand square feet range. Many go up to around ten thousand square feet. Prices start in the range of 400,000 dollars. However, it is well within the realm of possibility for homes for sale in the neighborhood to go for a little over a million.

With its wonderful proximity to the Galleria, the Briarbend neighborhood has so much to offer, in addition to the dazzling range of homes for sale. Found near the Westheimer-Voss Road intersection, Briarbend is considered to be an exceptional place in which to reside. Supported by the Houston ISD, this is a neighborhood that gives you the best of everything Houston has to offer. At the same time, the neighborhood does a nice job of existing as its own entity. In other words, if you want your home to be a quiet, largely private respite from the chaos of the city, Briarbend is going to prove to be exactly what you have been looking for.

Developed in 1956, the neighborhood is one of great cornerstones of Uptown Houston. It has certainly seen a great range of changes and developments through the years. In the present, it is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Houston. The Briarbend neighborhood offers around 135 homes for sale across a span of forty-seven hectares of land.

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Briarbend Neighborhood Homes For Sale

The Briarbend neighborhood having such a close proximity to the Galleria is perhaps the neighborhood’s most famous perk. After all, the Galleria represents one of the most massive entities for mixed-use shopping malls in the entire United States. Hundreds of shops and other businesses can be found at the Galleria, in addition to amazing hotels, a private health club, and much more. In other words, the Briarbend neighborhood offers homes for sale that are going to put you right into the heart of the amazing city of Houston.