Some of the finest school options can be found near the Crestwood neighborhood. At the same time, although this neighborhood is perfect to take up residence, you are going to find the homes and surroundings to be ideal for just about anyone. For work, play, higher education, good public transportation, shopping, sports, and walkability, this neighborhood is one of the premiere destinations for the city.

With homes between nine thousand and forty-thousand sq.ft., it isn’t hard to imagine the homes that often go for as much as two million dollars. You’re going to love the proximity to Memorial Park, which is widely regarded as the largest and most impressive park in the city. This is a neighborhood that can be perfect for those love the outdoors, or for those who simply love what happens when you go exploring for a little while. It’s easy to walk to most places in Crestwood, and you can often get to where you need to be in just a few minutes.

And when you need to get out of the area, Loop 610, Memorial Drive, and Interstate 10 are just a few minutes away in your car.

If you want to focus your search on homes for sale in the city of Houston TX on the most expensive neighborhoods, then the Crestwood neighborhood is definitely going to need to be near the top of your list. Crestwood enjoys the benefits of being nicely situated in the Memorial Park area, which means you’re also living in one of the most vibrant, essential parts of Houston. Considering that when we talk about Houston, we’re talking about the fourth most prosperous city in the United States, it isn’t hard to see why the gated community homes and other properties in this neighborhood are so intensely desired.

When it comes to home prices, you’re definitely going to want to keep in mind that these homes never go for less than a million dollars. In most cases, they go for much more. Considering these homes have been built by such TX home builders as Perry Homes, Darling Homes, and a number of highly exclusive, sought-after custom artists, it isn’t hard to understand why this is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city of Houston. The Crestwood area in general is a good example of just how spectacular the homes and perks can get.

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