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Del Monte neighborhood has 108 single family properties and the median year for the homes is 1957, so you’re talking about many homes that have been standing for a number of generations. Homes for sale in Del Monte neighborhood tend to move quickly, and there are rarely more than a handful on the market at any given time. The other thing to keep in mind with the homes for sale in the Del Monte neighborhood is that prices start in the high 600,000 dollar range. Many of these homes go for a million or more. Del Monte is one of the most exclusive, desirable neighborhoods in the city. The homes themselves are part of the reason for that. These are spacious, beautiful, unique homes. They are perfect for anyone who wants a home that combines luxury and comfort.

One of the first things about the homes for sale in the Del Monte neighborhood is its closeness to the famed Galleria. This is not only one of the largest mixed-use shopping centers in the world, but it is also one of the top employment centers in Houston. In fact, this neighborhood connects you to just about all of the major employment centers throughout the city. In addition to Uptown Houston, Del Monte also gives you a great proximity to Downtown Houston.

This is one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in this part of Houston. The average price for a home in this neighborhood is a little under nine hundred thousand. Many of the houses in this neighborhood are known to go for a good deal more than that. As you learn more about the homes for sale, as well as the Del Monte neighborhood itself, you will begin to appreciate why this is the case.

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The homes are also great for those who want to reside in a spectacular neighborhood. Living next to places like the Galleria is nice, but you are also going to want to keep in mind that you live in the Houston ISD. This district offers some fantastic schools, including an award-winning elementary school. This neighborhood brilliantly combines everything you could ever want in a thriving, almost reclusive community. At the same time, you are also going to have everything Houston has to offer. More often than not, you’re going to be able to walk to where you want to go with absolute ease.