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South from I-10, Grand Lakes has over 2700 homes in its neighborhood. This makes Grand Lakes one of the larger neighborhoods in the area. Supported by the Katy ISD, families make up a large portion of the people who buy these homes. It isn’t hard to understand why these homes are so appealing to families.

Beyond the fantastic schools, these homes also make it easy to get to places like Uptown Houston, Downtown Houston, the Galleria, Surgarland, and more. Don’t forget as well that you also have Katy TX. Home to more than sixteen thousand people, Katy is a highly desired city with everything you could ever want from a metropolitan community. The city has more than enough to keep you busy all on its own.

To be sure, the Grand Lakes neighborhood in Katy TX has some of the finest homes for sale that you are ever going to come across. These are stunning, contemporary homes that are brought to you by some of the best home builders in Texas. With one of these homes, you are setting down roots that you will be able to build from for as many years as you please.

However, as you consider all of the above, keep in mind that the benefits of living in this neighborhood do not begin and end with the homes themselves. In the first place, you’re going to live in the enormously prestigious city of Katy TX. In the second place, you’re going to have tons of additional benefits that are specific to your location. In the third place, you’re going to be able to enjoy everything this community has to offer. There are a number of amenities that are included with the homes for sale in the Grand Lakes neighborhood. These amenities are entirely exclusive to the residents, as well as to their guests.

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Grand Lakes Homes For Sale

Don’t forget that in addition to the homes for sale in the Grand Lakes neighborhood, you’re also going to get to take advantage of those community amenities. This includes a luxurious swimming pool, splash pads, tennis courts, a dog park, a number of themed playgrounds, some beautiful putting greens, and a variety of walking trails. This is also an HOA community, ensuring the neighborhood always strives to meet the highest possible standards. The average prices on these homes are near the top of the 395, 000 dollar range.