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While the prices on homes are pretty solid right now, you may want to anticipate the median price rising in the near future. While it is impossible to predict a real estate market as diverse and flowing as the Houston TX real estate market, you may want to bet on rising values on these homes for sale over the next few years. In other words, buying a home in Highland Village could make for a fantastic, extremely beneficial long-term investment.

However, you certainly don’t have to be impressed with the Highland Village neighborhood on that front alone. The Houston ISD supports this area, which includes such schools as St. George Place Elementary, Lanier Middle School, and Lamar High School. This is an ideal place in which to take up residence, but there are also significant portions of this neighborhood that can prove to be ideal for young couples, as well.

You can find Highland Village in the Core Inner Loop portion of the city of Houston TX. The homes for sale in the Highland Village neighborhood are some of the finest to be found anywhere, featuring such home builders as Darling Homes, Princeton Classic Homes, and Perry Homes.

At the same time, despite the incredible luxury of the homes in the gated communities and elsewhere, and despite the highly desired location, the homes in this neighborhood are quite affordable. This is particularly true when you compare them to some of the prices on homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. The average sale price for a home in this neighborhood is around seven hundred thousand dollars. Furthermore, it is certainly within the realm of possibility to find homes in this part of the city for even less.

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Highland Village Neighborhood Houston TX Homes For Sale

Ultimately, the quiet community atmosphere of this neighborhood is one of the reasons as to why it remains so consistently popular with those interested in the city of Houston TX real estate. While you have immediate, even intense connections to everything Houston has to offer, you also have a neighborhood that does a nice job of embracing this, while isolating itself to a certain degree at the same time. It is an impressive achievement for a city this active.

Supported by great schools, as well as the ability to get to Downtown Houston with ease, the Highland Village neighborhood offers some amazing perks, beyond the homes for sale that are currently available to you.