When we talk about the various elements that make up this neighborhood in the city, the first thing we should point out is the remarkable variety of homes for sale. With prices starting out in the neighborhood of the mid-to-high 700,000 dollar range, you will find homes covering such possibilities as 1920s mansions, decidedly modern townhouses, luxury condominiums, and much more. Art museums are extremely popular in the neighborhood, with Houston TX in general becoming increasingly appreciated for its contributions to the world of art. When people talk about that, they are generally referring to areas like the Montrose neighborhood.

Dive bars, wine lounges, music venues, and unique personalities fill up the landscape, beyond the range of homes for sale. In addition to offering some of the best art museums in Houston TX, the neighborhood is also highly regarded for bringing some of the most exciting, engaging festivals in the state to this exact location. And it’s a pretty centralized location, as far as the city is concerned.

Beyond the extraordinary appeal of the homes for sale themselves, you will find that there is a great deal about Montrose neighborhood that is worth appreciating in greater detail.

There is certainly a vibe to Montrose that could describe this part of the city of Houston TX as “bohemian.” Indeed, Houston has established itself as one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in Texas. Considering it is the largest metropolitan area in Texas, this isn’t a surprising fact. You can certainly find strong examples of the diversity we are talking about with some of the homes for sale in the Montrose neighborhood.

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Montrose Neighborhood Houston TX Homes For Sale

Living in Montrose gives you access to schools in the Houston ISD. It allows you to enjoy easy access to the metro, close access to some of the freeways and interstates of the area, and a walkability rating that is pretty close to flawless. Without too much trouble, you can get to Downtown Houston in just a few minutes. You will also find it easy to get to not only the Medical Center area, which is one of the most widely regard aspects of Houston, but to the Galleria area, as well. The work commute benefits alone to the Montrose neighborhood can make it essential to take something like the homes for sale in this area seriously. There are a number of great elements which serve to make this place home.