Mostyn Manor

Supported by the outstanding Magnolia ISD, the neighborhood value range for this area runs from 283,000 to 445,000 dollars. At the same time, homes are also quite spacious. Single family units have a median square footage of approximately 3288.

The homes for sale cover a wide range of taste. We’re also talking about examples from some of the best home builders in the state. The median age for homes in this neighborhood is around 2011, which means the average home is less than ten years old. These are decidedly modern houses, and they have all of the support measures you could ever expect from a small-but-booming city community. These are also homes that have the chance to enjoy a wide range of amenities that are ideal for just about everyone.

Mostyn Manor neighborhood has considerable charm to offer those eager to move to Magnolia TX. The range of homes for sale in this particular neighborhood is one of the first things about this area that you are going to love. The next thing you will want to appreciate in greater detail is the location itself. Not only are you getting easy access to Magnolia, Texas, which has a number of compelling elements to regard, but you are also going to get to take advantage of living relatively close to the The Woodlands. This neighborhood can be particularly useful to those seeking a newer development in Magnolia, TX.

With all of these benefits and homes for sale, it isn’t hard to understand why this neighborhood is generating so much positive attention.

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Mostyn Manor Neighborhood

Living only a few minutes from Lake Conroe is one of the first benefits to the Mostyn Manor neighborhood that you will want to keep in mind. This is one of the most remarkable man-made lakes in the United States. You can enjoy a whole plethora of outdoor activities here. You are also going to find yourself quite close to the Woodlands Mall, as well as the Woodlands Medical Center. Shopping and entertainment in general are within easy access. Remember as well that if you do get a little bored with Magnolia TX, you aren’t too far from Houston at all.