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The Texas Medical Center is not only one of the largest medical establishments in the world, but it is also a major employment center. The TCM also has schools, which makes it a major hub for those studying to work in the medical profession. The TCM also performs a great deal of research.

This isn’t the only thing to keep in mind, as far as the homes for sale are concerned. However, your location is definitely one of the best things about this neighborhood. Within one mile of your home, you’re going to have access to all of the places mentioned above. This includes the NRG Complex and Rice Village. You are also going to have straightforward access to everything Houston has to offer. Medical Center TX is also nicely supported by the Houston Independent School District, which offers some of the best schools in the state. The Old Braeswood neighborhood has a great deal behind its name. It is also a neighborhood that is very much in the present.

Homes for sale throughout the Old Braeswood neighborhood in Medical Center TX are so desirable,  you can understand why with the Texas Medical Center, Rice Village, the Village, and the NRG Complex nearby.

The homes themselves are gorgeous, spacious, and part of a neighborhood that has stood proudly for several decades. This is one of the neighborhoods that has grown and evolved as the city has grown and evolved. It is a neighborhood of considerable charm and personality, with homes selling in a range that starts at around 600,000. Many of the properties that are sold within this community sell for a great deal more.

Location is a big part of that. However, at the same time, regard the homes themselves. There is a great deal to this neighborhood, as well as the homes for sale, that is worth getting excited about.

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Old Braeswood Neighborhood Homes For Sale

The Civic Club is just one element to this neighborhood. It is a good example of just how deep the roots of this community reach. The Civic Club was established in 1939, as a means to not only operate in the best interests of the future of the neighborhood, but to also ensure the neighborhood retains its unique, timeless elements. The Old Braeswood neighborhood is steeped in Houston history. This is something to appreciate, as you take advantage of living within Medical Center TX.