Powder Mill Estates

The first thing you will want to note about these homes is the price range. At the moment, homes in this neighborhood are going at a rate that is around the mid-to- high 300,000 range. Many properties wind up being sold for 00,000 or more.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the homes in this community tend to move very quickly. Supported by the Tomball ISD, which is one of the most highly regarded school districts in the state, it isn’t hard to see why families of all sizes and backgrounds are eager to secure one of these Powder Mill Estates listings.

To be sure, the more you learn about this remarkable Tomball TX neighborhood, the more excited you are going to become.

Situated in Tomball TX, there is no question that the homes for sale at Powder Mill Estates neighborhood are bound to impress. Moving beyond the Powder Mill Estates, you will find a variety of features and amenities that are well worth getting excited about. To be sure, simply living in Tomball, Texas, which is a thriving, energetic community, is going to give you a full range of advantages. Your location connects you to all points Houston, Cypress TX, The Woodlands, and much more.

But of course, you want to learn more about the actual homes for sale in this community. You want to learn more about whether or not the master planned Powder Mill Estates neighborhood is right for you. For example, you may want to learn more about whether or not Powder Mills Estates is an ideal place in which to reside.

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More About Powder Mill Estates Neighborhood

A community pool is just one of the amenities you can take advantage of. Residents at this community will also have access to parks. Despite the neighborhood’s close proximity to destinations such as Downtown Houston, Cypress, or even The Woodlands, there is an exceptional element of privacy with the Powder Mill Estates neighborhood. You can also rely on a number of impressive security features, as well.

Willowbrook Mall, The Woodlands Mall, the 100+-acre Spring Creek Park, Juergens Park, Mathews Park, and Dyess Park are just a few of the nearby attractions that you can enjoy. The close proximity of the High Meadow Ranch Golf Club is something else to consider, as the homes for sale in this Tomball TX neighborhood also allow you to enjoy golfing.