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For a good idea of just how profoundly impressive Royden Oaks is, you simply have to take a look at River Oaks, which is regarded as one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the city. Both neighborhoods have you living in the Inner Loop, which means you can get to places like Downtown Houston and Medical Center with absolute ease. You will also want to keep in mind that the Galleria area, which is widely regarded as one of the best places for shopping in Houston TX, is going to be just a few miles from your location.

At the same time, given your location, you’re also going to find it incredibly easy to commute to and from work every day. Although this obviously depends on where you work, you will find that given the close proximity Royden Oaks shares to most of the major employment centers of Houston TX, it stands to reason that more likely than not, you’re going to be able to walk to work. The benefits of living here go even deeper.

The homes for sale in the Royden Oaks neighborhood are perfect for anyone who wants to live in the city of Houston TX, but who also want a certain measure of peace and quiet. With home sales averaging over one million dollars, and with home builders like David Young and Company creating custom masterpieces, Royden Oaks is a peaceful enclave, and one of the most intensely desired real estate areas in town.

This neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Houston, which you can pretty easily figure out on your own, considering the prices. Keep in mind that 1.5 million is around the average for homes sold in this neighborhood. Many go for quite a bit more. However, once you take a look at these massive, gorgeous homes, and consider some of the other benefits to the Royden Oaks neighborhood, you will be able to see why so many are eager to call this TX neighborhood home.

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Royden Oaks Neighborhood

24-hour security and backdoor trash pickup are two additional measures to the Royden Oaks neighborhood that you will want to keep in mind. Shopping is going to be a blast, with some of the best shopping centers in the city being available within walking distance. The Highland Village Shopping Center, the River Oaks Shopping Center, and the Galleria are all going to be just beyond your front door.