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The Thousand Oaks neighborhood can be a perfect place to live. Supported by the exceptional Magnolia ISD, this Magnolia TX neighborhood has access to playgrounds parks, and other outdoor areas. You aren’t too terribly far from Lake Conroe, which is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in the state. Simply put, if you love the great outdoors in general, you are going to love everything about this neighborhood.

You can find a wide range of sizes and shapes, when it comes to the homes for sale in the Thousand Oaks area. You will be able to enjoy a good deal of seclusion, but you can also get to places like The Woodlands and Houston without too much trouble. If you love dining and shopping, keep in mind that you aren’t too far from the Woodlands Mall, which is one of best shopping districts in the region.

With a neighborhood value range starting in the $400,000 range, the homes for sale in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood offer a wonderful opportunity to live in Magnolia TX. Home to less than 1400 people, Magnolia is noted for offering easy access to Houston. At the same time, Magnolia offers essentially everything you could ever need in a small, yet constantly evolving metropolitan community. Magnolia truly offers residents the best of everything, and Thousand Oaks is a perfect way to explore all of that.

Several community amenities are worth keeping in mind, as well.  Check out some of the homes for sale in this neighborhood, and you will understand why that is the case.  A beach lined with lovely palm trees will be there to greet you, and there are also areas for waterskiing and jet skiing. The resort-style pool is certainly a popular element to this community, and there is also an area for volleyball.

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Located just west of the Woodlands, you have a community that gives you everything you need to be happy. If you don’t particularly need the access to Houston, you’re going to find it easy to get everything you want within Magnolia, or perhaps The Woodlands. When you do want to make your way out to Houston, whether for work or play, the Thousand Oaks neighborhood is going to make it easy. Everything about this neighborhood emphasizes comfort.