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The close proximity to the Galleria is one of the first things about this neighborhood that you will want to appreciate. The West Lane Place neighborhood is so close to one of the biggest centers for shopping and employment in Houston, you can walk there with ease. The ability to walk to so many different dynamic aspects of this remarkable city is just one of the perks to West Lane Place that is worth appreciating. Even so, being able to get to Downtown Houston, Highland Village, and other major centers for shopping, dining, parks, employment, art, culture, history, and everything else you could want has to be one of the biggest benefits to this zip code.

You can even walk to Central Market, which is yet another major center of shopping and commerce that you are going to want to be aware of.

Located between the Galleria and Highland Village of the city of Houston TX, there is no question that West Lane Place neighborhood takes advantage of a great location. As you consider the potential of homes for sale in this neighborhood, which go for an average of 900,000 dollars, keep in mind the rest of the West Lane Place neighborhood. There is a great deal about this zip code that is worth getting excited about.

The homes for sale in the West Lane Place neighborhood represents just one of your options. However, when you take a moment to learn more about the neighborhood, you’ll begin to appreciate the potential of this very expensive neighborhood. While it can indeed strike you as a little on the pricey side, you will quickly understand why this is the case. This is one of the best neighborhoods in Houston, which is definitely saying something, given your possibilities.

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Supported by the Houston ISD, the schools options of West Lane Place is yet another element of the neighborhood that you can walk to with ease. There are parks, museums, galleries, restaurants, and more in the area, making this neighborhood a great one for families. At the same time, you will also be able to enjoy strong security measures, an impressive degree of privacy from the rest of Houston TX, and more. The neighborhood also boasts a strong civic association, which is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and vitality of the neighborhood in every possible way.