Willow Meadows North

Located in Medical Center TX, the Willow Meadows North neighborhood obviously enjoys a close proximity with the Texas Medical Center. This is one of the largest medical complexes in the world. Medical care, research, and education are just a few of the things that go on at this entity at any given time. Many want to move to a charmer like Willow Meadows North for the simple fact that it will allow them to be near to these facilities. You are also going to have straightforward access to everything Houston’s Inner Loop has to offer.

Established in the late 1950s, many of the homes in this neighborhood were built within that time period. This gives the neighborhood an air of remarkable distinction and character. These are traditional, classic-style homes that are built to last. The homes for sale in this neighborhood are a mixture of revitalized homes of the 1950 and completely new home builds.

The Willow Meadows North neighborhood has some remarkable homes for sale in Medical Center TX. These homes for sale are ideal for just about everyone to take up residence. However, given the extremely popularity of the general location of this neighborhood, combined with the range of homes, you can see why just about anyone who wants to move to Houston wants to get into one of these houses.

Single family home prices start in the 200,000 range. This makes the neighborhood one of the most affordable in the area. This is one benefit to consider, but it is not the only perk you will discover by any means. The homes for sale in this neighborhood are really just the beginning.

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Willow Meadows North Neighborhood Homes For Sale

Willow Meadows North enjoys a certain measure of privacy from everything that goes on around you. While you are still in the middle of a rich, diverse city, the neighborhood is nicely established to give residents the ability to disconnect from the chaos of Houston as needed.

Beyond the close proximity to shopping, parks, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, cafes, and sports, this neighborhood is also quite close to Loop 610. The Willow Meadows North neighborhood is truly the kind of place people look for, when they want to have a home that will offer everything they need.